The Schooltime® Products Story

Schooltime® Products, LLC is owned and operated by two North Texas women, Lynn James-Myer and Marietta Klein. A respected industry veteran, Myer has been involved since 1993 in the research, development and manufacturing of natural lice-elimination and prevention products that have become highly popular in major European pharmacies. She worked directly with two of the top worldwide head lice research experts and from that training developed the line of Schooltime Products to meet all the present and essential requirements for an entire family to clear infestations and remain lice free. Klein has spent the last five years building a successful lice-removal center. In addition to an MBA and a degree in quantitative methods, the mother of two teenage daughters has an extensive background in building successful sales and marketing teams. Together, their collective knowledge, passion and experience are what make Schooltime® Products the best solution for lice elimination and prevention.

Here’s why millions of families choose Schooltime® Products as their go-to lice removal solution!

  • 100% pesticide-free, natural and nontoxic, safe for the entire family
  • Time tested method for 100% Elimination of head lice and nits 15-minute, simple-to-apply cleansing formula works quickly and effectively
  • Tested to dissolve nit glue enhancing ease of nit combing for total lice and nit removal
  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance free, leaving hair soft and shining
  • No need to buy or combine additional products to kill lice and nits
  • Used as a nit combing aid and leave-in spray to maintain lice-free hair, Schooltime® Spray Away contains essential oils, calms the frizzies, detangles and is great for curly hair
  • Made in the USA

Join millions of families who have eliminated head lice using Schooltime® Products– safe, natural and pesticide free products created in the USA, for all ages and ethnicities. Popular in major U.S. and European markets, the hypoallergenic shampoo formula is gentle to skin and eyes, fragrance free and enzyme free.

A New Generation Lice Removal Solution

Total head lice control has been a worldwide problem for thousands of years. Originally pesticide containing products worked successfully in killing lice and eggs and eliminating infestations. After years of pesticide use and misuse, lice have grown more and more resistant to these products and it has become very difficult to clear infestations and remain free from rapid re-infestation. In addition, consumers wish to use safer products on their families and within their homes.

BioSafe Technologies, Inc. is the manufacturer of the pesticide free Schooltime® Line of Lice Elimination Products proven to successfully meet today’s requirements for total and natural lice removal. The products quickly eliminate lice and their eggs and control rapid re-infestation from daily exposure to highly infested environments.

We encourage you to scroll through our website and learn more about the many unique properties of Schooltime® Shampoo, a sister product Schooltime® Spray Away and the Schooltime® Lice and Nit Comb for maintaining elegant lice free hair in an entire household.

About BioSafe Technologies, Inc.

BioSafe Technologies, Inc was incorporated in 2000 to further develop, clinically test and create a distribution of nontoxic pesticide formulations for eliminating parasites and other blood sucking insects such as mites and lice affecting humans and animals. The active ingredients were discovered by its founder, Lynn James-Myer during field testing in Brazil in the early 1990s. The formulations were brought to the US and obtained worldwide patents and further tested for safety and efficiency. All function as cleansers and do not contain poisonous insecticides.

Since 2003 BioSafe based the majority of its business as an exporter supplying overseas distributors. It contracted with several filling facilities in the Dallas, Texas area for bulk packaging of its headlice shampoo in 1000 liter totes. These are exported to various locations in Europe for further private labeling and distribution by several large pharmaceutical companies. Product is sold in Europe and other countries in children’s specialized lines of products.

BioSafe has successfully worked with the US EXIM Bank Export Program to support the growth of the company since 2009. A testament to the success of that partnership was Lynn’s selection as Global Exporter of the Year in 2016 by the Dallas Branch of the Global Chamber where she serves on the Board Advisory Committee. As a woman owned company, she also received various awards for Women in Business in 2017.

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Schooltime® Products for Head Lice Elimination & Prevention

Schooltime® Lice Elimination and Maintenance Shampoo 12oz.

Schooltime® Shampoo 12oz.

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Complete Lice Elimination Kit

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Schooltime® Spray Away

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Metal Lice & Nit Removal Comb