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Reading Corner Head Lice Horror Show

The classroom has changed in many ways since I was a kid, but the one area in particular I’m writing about today is the READING CORNER. I say this with emphasis because all I can think about when I walk in to volunteer in my kid’s elementary classroom is LICE, LICE, LICE (cue the psycho movie soundtrack). I understand the importance of reading and wanting to make a comfortable environment for the students to read in, but come on! Pillows, blankets, bean bag chairs OH MY! This type of scenario is a haven for head lice to thrive in. [read more]

Reading Corner Head Lice Horror Show2023-01-25T11:10:00+00:00

Short Hair? Head Lice Don’t Care!

Short Hair? Head lice Don’t Care! As a Mom of two boys with short hair I could easily fall into the trap of thinking that my boys won’t get head lice because they have short hair. This is so not true! Lice do not care if your hair is short or long, they just want to find a nice happy home to lay their eggs and live happily ever after with their lice babies. [read more]

Short Hair? Head Lice Don’t Care!2023-01-25T11:15:58+00:00

Does the Selfie Put Your Teen at Risk for Lice?

With social media came “selfies,” and they are everywhere. The variously styled self-portraits of one or more people, whose heads rest close together, has introduced an interesting question: Does the “selfie” put teens at increased risk for lice? Although this topic has gotten quite a bit of media attention, there is currently no evidence that justifies this concern. [read more]

Does the Selfie Put Your Teen at Risk for Lice?2023-01-25T11:18:10+00:00

Interesting Facts About Head Lice

Did you know that baby lice are called “nymphs?” Did you know that a person cannot “catch” headlice from a pet? Human lice stay with humans, and pet/animal lice stay with pets. Did you know that combing Schooltime® Shampoo through the hair using a regular hair comb right before the final rinse will help remove nits and lice? Using a nit comb will assure hair is 100% clear. [read more]

Interesting Facts About Head Lice2023-01-25T11:21:20+00:00

Essential Requirements for a Head Lice Control Product

100% efficacy in removing nymphs and adults; Good safety and adverse effects profile; High acceptability to users (parents and child); Single application; Requires minimal time to us; Prevents re-infestation; Low risk of resistance developing; Twice weekly shampoo to help maintain lice free hair; [read more]

Essential Requirements for a Head Lice Control Product2023-01-25T11:27:36+00:00

7 Things to Know About Head Lice Chemical Product Manufacturers

If you?ve been the victim of head lice for any amount of time, you know that they are one of the worst things that can happen to you both physically and psychologically. To chemical head lice treatment manufacturers, this problem is worth a massive amount of money to them every year, with over $100 million being made on head lice control in the US alone. The EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) is responsible for testing and making sure most pesticide head lice treatments destined for use on US children are safe. [read more]

7 Things to Know About Head Lice Chemical Product Manufacturers2023-09-01T17:16:31+00:00
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