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SchoolTime’s Customers Tell Us Their Stories

SchoolTime’s Customers Tell Us Their Stories

Here at Schooltime®, we strive for excellence in our Head Lice Control Products. We love hearing stories and reviews from our customers. We would love to hear about your experience with us. If you have a story to tell, just click the button below and chose from four ways to add your experience.

Michaele S – Amazon CustomerMichaele S – Amazon CustomerTHIS PRODUCT WORKS!!!!

Let me start by saying that we have been dealing with lice since November. I have done multiple treatments with OTC lice shampoo such as Nix to no avail. My poor daughter (4 years old) would be screaming after I rinsed the shampoo out and chased live lice through her hair with the stupid comb, trying to catch them before they got lost in her hair again. I finally called her pediatrician and got a prescription thinking that would solve our problem. Gave the treatment as directed; planned to retreat in 7 days as recommended. On day 7, I got a call to pick her up from school as the nurse found lice in her hair. The prescription didn’t work either.

I had ordered this product as a preventative shampoo, thinking the prescription treatment would have done the job and this would keep them away. I decided to use this as a primary treatment for lice. It saturated her hair thoroughly and started massaging the shampoo into her scalp. I set the timer on my phone for 15 minutes.

Within 2-3 minutes, I was finding dead lice all throughout her hair. All sizes, all ages/stages - lice I NEVER would have seen with the naked eye. They were trying to crawl out of her hair, but died before they could get out. Before rinsing the shampoo out of her hair, I probably pulled out about 30 dead bugs. I never witnessed dead bugs with the OTC lice shampoos or the prescription permitherin treatment.

I am amazed and overjoyed - this goes well beyond my expectations. I will never be without this product in my medicine cabinet again!

Macymom – Amazon CustomerMacymom – Amazon CustomerSchooltime shampoo really works without harmful smells

I've got two girls with long thick hair, who attend public school. As any parent knows how stressful it is when the school says your child has come in contact with lice. It's a long process and alot of work after the first treatment you do it all over again. I'm leaving that with it was crazy with my girls DRAMA. That is till I came across this schooltime shampoo, I keep this on hand at all times now it's very simple there's no odor for the kids to have to breathe in and most of all IT WORKS my girls use this three times a week instead of thier usual shampoo and even when lice is at school it HAS NOT come home with them since we began using this prodict. Thankyou school time lice shampoo for making this moma less stressed and saving me time and money from the previous horrors we would have to go thru. I would highly recommend this product to other parents with school age children you won't be disappointed.

Amber – Amazon CustomerAmber – Amazon CustomerWorks Great

We’ve been battling lice for what feels like forever but this stuff works!! The trick is to saturate the hair, put it in a shower cap, and leave on for about an hour. Lice were literally falling out dead when I took the shower cap off my daughters head. Will be doing this again in a week in case we missed anything and I will be ordering another bottle just for a routine preventative!

Amazon CustomerAmazon CustomerCritters Last Stand

Somewhat drippy, but with my hair, I found slathering it all over, nice & thick,THEN waiting an hour was the "cure". 15 min didn't cut it at all. Then a week of combing with cheap WHITE conditioner did the trick 4 me. Little morons were coming out in pieces. Loved it, but U DO have to put alot & let it stay alot longer, 😝😱☠

S Stimpson – Amazon CustomerS Stimpson – Amazon CustomerEasier to use than most others

Being hit with lice for the first time in the gorgeous wavy and long hair of my two daughters was horrifying! I bought every product on the drug store shelf. I also ordered this shampoo. This was the easiest to use! I was warned many times that it will home back or that it was impossible to get rid of. I can report that this stuff works well and is easy to use! Lice have not returned! Great product!

Carolyn L – Amazon CustomerCarolyn L – Amazon CustomerThis + comb = time spent wisely

Best stuff ever ALTHOUGH enabling this to be the best stuff ever for lice is the comb. One *must* use the metal comb with the spiral-ated teeth and comb through allllll of the hair.

J ThrasherJ ThrasherThis stuff is awesome.

This stuff is awesome. We tried over the counter items from the store, and they just didn't cut it. I hope to never need this again, but I'd highly recommend it to anyone. No bad smell, no greasiness, no mess!

Walmart CustomerWalmart CustomerGreat Buy!

I love that it doesn't smell medicated and is gentle on hair. I was worried about the lice returning, or infesting other my other child (or me).... but this treatment can be used as a regular shampoo as well. It has been perfect for my family

Erika – Walmart CustomerErika – Walmart CustomerThis Works!!

This shampoo works!! All gone, dead!! And the nits too!!!!! You have to clean the nits off the hair, but they’re dead!! Did it during summer break and when school started she stayed clean YAY!!!!

NB – Walmart CustomerNB – Walmart CustomerThankful that I found it online

I have tried other big named products and have spent a lot of money for the past year and nothing has worked even prescription it took only 2 shampoos with Schooltime and completely gone why isn't this product exposed more ? I'm just thankful that I found it online and Walmart has the better price thank you

Sara N. – Amazon CustomerSara N. – Amazon CustomerThis stuff really work!

After spending close to $200 on various lice removal/repellent products and only having it coming back, I am soooo happy to find this spray. I started using it on my daughter's hair just a few weeks ago after yet another episode and was bracing for a repeat treatment to follow. Well, it didn't and furthermore, it is so easy to use. I usually spray right after shower and brush. I will continue to use it thru the school year.

S. McElroy – Amazon CusteomS. McElroy – Amazon CusteomNice detangler as well as a safeguard against lice infestation

My daughters have been using Schooltime Spray Away ever since we eliminated their head lice with Schooltime shampoo. A pleasant-smelling spray, it works as a nice detangler for my daughter with very thick hair. Using the spray also gives us some reassurance that we are less likely to be infested with head lice again. My daughters have been clear of head lice with not a hint of re-infestation for 3 months. Schooltime Spray Away is a good way to put a mother's mind at ease, especially when there are cases of head lice in her child(ren)'s school.