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How to Avoid Summer Camp Head Lice Worries

School is coming to an end for the summer and your kids may soon be off to camp! No parent wants to get a phone call telling them that their child has head lice. Perhaps worse than that, no parent wants to learn that their child has brought lice home! Both these situations are bad; having it come into your house is clearly the last thing you want. [read more]

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Head Lice Movement from Child to Child

Lice and Blood Types of Their Hosts ~ We and the teams we worked with who tested our formula have learned a lot of interesting things about head lice in the process. It turns out that lice are very specific to blood type. If children in a family, group, class, etc. had the same blood type , the lice would go from child to child. However, if there was one in a family that had a different blood type from those the lice had already ‘visited’, those lice would avoid that person unless desperate for food. [read more]

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The Improbable Story of Schooltime

BioSafe Technologies, Inc was incorporated in 2000 to further develop, clinically test and create a distribution of nontoxic pesticide formulations for eliminating parasites and other blood sucking insects such as mites and lice affecting humans and animals. The active ingredients of the ‘ultimate’ formula used in its Schooltime® Products line was discovered by the company founder, Lynn James-Meyer, during field testing in Brazil in the early 1990s when she traveled to this area to participate on a separate humanitarian project. [read more]

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